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Alternative Education

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An Introduction to Educational Alternatives

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An Introduction to Educational Alternatives

Rather than marginalizing alternative education, we may instead consider all schools and learning environments to be educational alternatives. Then, the schools that you choose for yourselves or for your children can be based on a deeper level of reflection about what you think it means to be human and to live and to grow in a self-sustaining.

Alternative education caters to multifarious groups of students or unprofessional classified according to their needs and circumstances in life.

Alternative education programs were designed because of pressures from concerned parents, teachers, students and government officials to ameliorate substandard education and [ ]. Read this essay on Traditional Education vs Alternative Education.

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Alternative education has models, which are based on the programs philosophy and the desires of the students (Fantini, ). There are those that follow a community affiliation model that features alliance with the larger community.

Alternative education programs essay
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