Amrita pritam

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The unspoken passion of Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita Pritam

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Books by Amrita Pritam

His modify encouraged her daughter-in-law to bear with her native's moods for a few days. eBookBazaar is an online platform to buy Punjabi Books,Religious Books,Literature,Monographs,Novels,Poetry. Both Physical as well Digitized form.

Product Types: Search thousands of products for hundreds of languages. Top Product Types. Baby - Kindergarten; Children's Books; Classroom/Schools. Title: The weed Author: Amrita Pritam Genre: Short Story Author: Amrita Pritam, a poet, essayist, and novelist, is one of the most prominent women writers in Indian poem Ode to Waris Shah and the novel Pinjar are often talked of as her masterpieces and both express her anguish over post-partition tribulations and massacres.

Literary history The story of Amrita Pritam’s final love poem August 31 is the Punjabi poet’s 97th birth anniversary. Nuclear R & D Centre in India. Sl. No. Name of Employee: Designation: Email: Phone: 1.

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Amrita pritam
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The story of Amrita Pritam’s final love poem