Dance sport

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Is Dance a Sport or an Art?

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Finally. The Danish couple Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise struggled as of lately to make the finals in major competition. But in the World Cup Chengdu they made it all the way to the highest pedestal of the podium. New European Championship titles are out. The first European Championship Show Dance Standard and Latin took place in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic on Saturday.

Artistic roller skating

Inter-University Pole Dance Competition Welcome to the IUPDC overseen by the National University Pole IUPDC is designed to be an inclusive competition to allow university societies and clubs from across the United Kingdom to demonstrate their pole dance skills.

Artistic roller skating is a sport similar to figure skating but where competitors wear roller skates instead of ice artistic roller skating, there are several disciplines: Figures (similar to compulsory or "school" figures on ice); Freestyle (individuals performing jumps and spins).

Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir hold their nerve to become Olympic ice dance champions for a second time.

Dance sport
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