Graphic design case study

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Design Case Study: LunnScape. Identity for a Landscape Company

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Turning three automotive brands into one cohesive experience

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A Visit to the Eames Case Study House—(Perfect) Flyer Included

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Success Stories

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In an industry as competitive as design, a graphic design case study could become the driving force of your portfolio. Since case studies are so powerful — going beyond simple testimonials and work screenshots — spending the time and effort to create an effective, well-done study pays for.

Graphic Design & Illustration Case Study. Case Study: Web Banner Design for Online Course. Graphic designer Jon Holland began working on the web banner task. After the banner was complete, it was e-mailed back to the IC and professor who carefully checked for any errors or a need for revisions.

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In this case, there were none! Case study: Innocent drinks By Creative Bloq Staff TZ Graphic design Sticking with what you believe in not only changes the way you approach packaging but, if the results prove effective, you can get a queue of rivals wanting to mimic it.

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A roundup of 5 Inspiring Brand Identity Design Case Studies by some of the world's leading graphic designers, on Canny Creative design blog.

Graphic design case study
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