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Unit 3 Human Resource Management Assignment

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Unit 3 Human Resource Management Assignment

Introduction. Human resource management is the important building block of any organization it is performed to carry out the dealing with the most important asset of an organization human beings, earlier when it was known to be Personnel management the major work they performed was record keeping and keeping the objectives.

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Although there are many functions of human resource management, here is a list of its five major functions: Recruitment and selection Recruitment is the process of captivating, screening, and selecting potential and qualified candidates based on objective criteria for a particular job.

Function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes Human resource management is considered as a very important part of an organization.

Further, some of its core function includes recruitment, staffing, training and development and dealing with performance of employees (Becton and Schraeder, )/5(). Human resource management means the management of a business’s or an organization’s human resource.

Its task is selection, attraction, training, rewarding, assessment of employees and forecasting organizational culture and leadership and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws.

Human Resource Management Human resource management is the arrangement of employees and their work in an organization, it is the science related to human and its allocation in the workplace.

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