Lays classic potato chips

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Are Lay's Potato Chips Bad For You?

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The story and pride behind one of America's favorite snacks: Lay's potato chips

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While the Baked Lay’s Original Potato Crisps have 2 g of total fat, Lay’s Classic Potato Chips have 10 g of total fat.

Classic Potato Chips (23g)

That is a substantial difference. According to, the daily value for total fat should not exceed 65 g. Lay’s Classic potato chips version of most classic brand.

Lays Classic potato chips contain potatoes, healthier oil, and salt. A one ounce (28 gram) serving of Lay’s regular potato chips has calories and contains ten grams of fat, with three grams of saturated fat. Calories in Lays Potato Chips Plain Potato Chips 1 Oz Bag.

Find nutrition facts for Lays Potato Chips Plain Potato Chips 1 Oz Bag and over 2, other foods in's food database.

Lays classic potato chips
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LAY’S Classic Potato Chips – Deepak Bhandar