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Munasque vs. CA

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CA GR SP Jose V. Toledo vs. ARC Marketing Corp. Before us for review is the decision dated June 11, of the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City, Branchin Civil Case No.

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Q, which affirmed the decision of the Metropolitan Trial Court of. AL V. SYCIP, ET. AL. PHIL The right of exclusive management conferred upon a partner is a personal right and is premised on trust and confidence. It terminates upon the death of the partner.

The CA ultimately affirmed the Tongco ruling. Issue: Is the preservation of the partnership assets through receivership inconsistent. TC held Galvan and Munasque “jointly and severally” liable to its creditors which decision was modified by CA and held them “jointly” liable.

Issues: Whether the obligation of Munasque. Corona v Ca Elmo Muñasque vs CA Facts: Elmo Muñasque, in behalf of “Galan and Muñasque” partnership as Contractor, entered into a written contract with Tropical Commercial Co., through its branch manager Ramon Pons, for remodelling of Tropical’s building in Cebu.

Apr 04,  · Tropical agreed to give petitioner the amount of P7, soon after the construction began and thereafter the amount of P6, every fifteen (15) days during the construction to make a total sum of P25, View Elmo Muñasque vs from LAW LTD00 at Arellano University Law School.

Elmo Muasque vs CA Facts: Elmo Muasque, in behalf of Galan and Muasque partnership as Contractor, entered into.

Munasque v ca
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