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myunisa assignments

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For 'normal' Unisa modules - login to myUnisa, click on the appropriate module tab at the top, then click on "Official Study Material" on the menu on the left.

Download Tutorial Letter Some modules also have study material under "Learning Units", or "Additional Resources",  · myUnisa is the web Portal for Unisa students to check their exams, results, academic records, search for student number, claim password etc myUnisa registration – Steps to access myUnisa – Unisa Login URL: Click on Claim UNISA login Click on “Claim UNISA login”.

myUnisa assignments logging into your myUnisa to view your results online OR Enquire via email to the email address: [email protected] (indicate your student number in the subject heading) Portfolio assignments.

As part of your assessment you may be asked to submit a •Submit your assignments via myUnisa ( •Post your assignment in a Unisa assignment box at a Unisa Regional Office •Submit your assignment for free, using either of the Unisa approved courier MyUNISA Assignments Submission Assignment submission with myUnisa You can submit written and multiple-choice assignments for formal courses online using myUnisa.

Submitting multiple-choice assignments via myUnisa Submitting a multiple-choice assignment via myUnisa is simple, fast and reliable. Just follow the step-by-step instructions on the  · New contact details for My UNISA.

If you have other contact details to add to our My UNISA page that are not listed below, please let us know and we will add them to the list.

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