Prairie dogs

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Prairie Dogs

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Black-tailed prairie dogs are one of five species, the others being Utah, Mexican, white-tailed and Gunnison's prairie dogs. These social rodents are industrious diggers, excavating prairie dog towns, which are U-shaped with chambers connected by tunnels.

The black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) is a rodent of the family Sciuridae found in the Great Plains of North America from about the United States-Canada border to the United States-Mexico border.

Unlike some other prairie dogs, these animals do not truly black-tailed prairie dog can be seen above ground in midwinter. A black-tailed prairie dog town in Texas was. Please do not feed prairie dogs. Prairie dogs are wild animals and can inflict a painful bite.

They may also be host to insects that can transmit disease to humans. More information about diseases, wildlife and people can be found on park service websites. Also, human food can cause illness or death. Mornings are a busy time in a prairie dog town as the residents come out to eat the grasses and weeds growing near their burrow entrances.

These chubby members of the ground squirrel family seem to lead relaxed, sociable, uncomplicated lives as they wander about eating, visiting with their neighbors.

Prairie dogs live mainly at altitudes ranging from 2, to 10, ft above sea level.

Prairie dog

The areas where they live can get as warm as 38 °C ( °F) in the summer and as cold as −37 °C (−35 °F) in the winter. As prairie dogs live in areas prone to environmental threats, including hailstorms, blizzards, and floods, as well as drought and prairie fires, burrows provide important protection.

Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents that live in large colonies in the grasslands of central and western North America. There are five species of prairie dogs: black .

Prairie dogs
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