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Advantages & Disadvantages for Using Role Play As a Training Method

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Role Playing

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Role playing is a way of working through a situation, a scenario, or a problem by assuming roles and practicing what to say and do in a safe setting.

This kind of learning experience has several. Role-play long has been a common training method among military branches, emergency response groups, and companies where quick decision-making is highly valued.

So why not in the world of business training? Over the last few years, it seems role-play has been incorporated more often in business training curricula, and for good reason. Roleplay simulation is an experiential learning method in which either amateur or professional roleplayers (also called interactors) improvise with learners as part of a simulated scenario.

Roleplay is designed primarily to build first-person experience in a safe and supportive environment. Role playing is a way of working through a situation, a scenario, or a problem by assuming roles and practicing what to say and do in a safe setting.

This kind of learning experience has several benefits and advantages when it's implemented skillfully by a good trainer or teacher. Advantages & Disadvantages for Using Role Play As a Training Method by Simon Fuller - Updated June 28, Role playing is an active learning technique in which employees act out situations under the guidance of a trainer.

Role-play is a technique that allows students to explore realistic situations by interacting with other people in a managed way in order to develop experience and trial different strategies in a supported environment. Depending on the intention of the activity, participants might be playing a role.

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