Smarty assign var

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What I 'm trying todo is assign the value of the input dynamicly via the loop. I suppose you found out by yourself since you wrote this post, but that bit of code is not portable since ldelim and rdelim can be defined to be something else than { and }.

* SquirrelMail and Smarty. All abstract methods from the Template class. Let’s start with the initialization: {assign var="iItemOne" value=1} {assign var="iItemTwo" value=2} Beware that the first code is working, while the second is not.

Apr 24,  · 2 questions about smarty. PHP Forums on Bytes. Upper Case First Letter in Word {$city|capitalize} Input {assign var="name" value="mugil"} Output. Mugil. How to Check for Variable in Array {if in_array($current.

Smarty assign var
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